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For more than 15 years the Cavalier has been our constant companion.

Our first acquaintance with this lovely breed goes back 20 years to when I read an article in a newspaper and saw my first Blenheim Cavalier at the Swedish Royal Court. My heart was captured by the melting expression in those dark round eyes

In 1996 my dream came true and we bought our first tri-coloured Cavalier named Sammy. In 1997 my daughter, Janna, was born and 1 year later we visited the United Kingdom and Crufts for the first time. That was the beginning of my Cavalier-Mania.

Today we share our lives with more than 10 Cavaliers and I'm very proud that my dogs are consistantly highly placed at shows here and overseas. We have bred 11 Champions with titles from diffrent countries.




Angel's Pride Zitizen Kane,

Since 1999 we have registered our Cavalier puppies with the German Toy Association Club and all our breeding stock has current health-certification

In March 2005 we have moved to our new home with a really big garden for all our dogs.



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Angel's Pride Cavaliers and their proud owners.

Emma und Viktoria with Angel's Pride Zunderland "Oliver"!