UK CH Angel's Pride Gentle Star

CC Number 4 at Welks (29th of april 2011)

Judge: Mrs. Kirstie McMurray

Judge-Critique Mrs. Kirstie McMurray

Blen bitch who I found captivating, everything about her screams femininity
from the tip of her jet black nose to the end of her perfectly set tail.
Her expression is delightful and her beautiful large dark lustrous eyes that melt you,
framed by well set and feathered ears.
Well arched neck set on well laid shoulders and correct front, good spring of rib and
nice turn of stiffle with well let down hocks.
She is perfectly proportioned in every way and moves round the ring with the Ďlook at meí attitude
with a perfectly set tail and croup. Well marked and coat of lovely texture.
Both in the class and the line up she was on her toes and couldnít deny giving her
the CC amongst a wealth of quality.

We are so proud that a breeder-judge from England gave our
girl such an outstanding write up. And of course her 4th Ticket!
That means a lot for us from oversea.

THANK YOU Mrs. McMurray

The only Cavalier bred outside the UK and Ireland with 4 Tickets
and 1 ResTicket

Puppy of the Year 2010 - Our Dogs Puppy Trophy Winner - 

- CC & ResBIS at the English Clubshow -

The youngest Oversea-Champion ever!

5 x BOB (Germany & Holland)

4 CCs in Germany

1 CACIB Arnheim

4 CCs in the Netherlands

1 CC in France

German Junior Champion

CC-Show Southern Counties, UK

                                                                       photo by Pauline Jordens

Ch. Angel's Pride Gentle Star

got a ResCC under Mr. Dennis Homes!
(bitch entry 122)


A blenheim bitch of the highest order.
Only 19 months but with an illustrious CV and no doubt
a lot more top winning still yet to come.
Thereís no denying the beautiful head that this girl has.
Large, dark, lustrous eyes, rich pigment and ample filling under the eyes
but with a nicely tapered muzzle of the correct length.
A correct earset and a good reach of neck thatís nicely arched.
A well proportioned body thatís sufficiently short coupled
and a deep chest and good spring of rib.
Sheís quite exuberant and thinks that the show ring is for having fun,
therefore keeping her handler on her toes! A true toy spaniel that moves well.


she makes the diffrent, ... quality and size matters ...

A true "Toy-Spaniel"
Despite her size she has it all: body, bone and substance!

UK Champion Angel's Pride Gentle Star

     photo: Unni Lima-Olsen

Our dream came true at the UK Parent-Club-Show:
Paula got her 3rd CC!
Many thanks to judge Mr. Kevan Berry (Ricksbury) for
given Gentle Star the English Crown!

photo: Unni Lima-Olsen

What a day for us and the Maibee-Cavaliers in UK!

Paula's daddy Ch. Maibee Make Believe got Best in Show and the icing of the cake was
when judge Mrs. Marilyn Claydon agreed to make her 
Res. Best In Show!

Entry: 348 Cavaliers

Judge critique Mr. Kevan Berry:

Absolutely stunning Blen, with the most beautiful head quality and the largest darkest eyes,
giving a melting expression.
Good pigmentation, nice neck and shoulders. Excellent topline, correct spring of rib.
Good tail set and croup. Moved happily and freely around the ring, displaying all the characteristics of the breed.
Her size appeals enormously, as does her temperament.
Full of sparkle and in a strong line up I could not overlook this beautiful bitch
and was delighted to award her what I was told was her 3rd CC.
Both myself and my co-judge considered our own CC winners the best
so choice for Best in Show fell to the Referee, who gave her sire the final nod for BIS.

THANK YOU Mr. Kevan Berry!

photo: Unni Lima-Olsen

My little Star!
Thank you for being always in the best mood.
Always showing her true Cavalier-Temperament

17 month old and UK Champion!

photo: Unni Lima-Olsen

photo: Alicja


Angel's Pride Gentle Star

Got her second CC at the Boston-Show, good 14 month old:

Judge-critique Mrs. Caroline Ackroyd-Gibson:

My star!
This bitch has everything I want to see in a real toy spaniel.
Her head is stunning with soft, feminine expression, excellent pigment, and beautifully set ears.
Her body doesnít disappoint either with textbook proportions.
This young bitch loves to show herself off and looked stunning standing and on the move.
Just lost out for Best of Breed on maturity and lack of coat.
Her time will come! Congratulations to her dedicated owner.
CC and BOS.



When we started breeding we had dreams and goals,
these have now come true.
There is nothing nicer than dreams coming true in all areas of life.
If you don't hope and dream, you don't live.

In the breed Cavalier-King-Charles-Spaniel

it is Angel's Pride Gentle Star with
6 points

Top Cavalier Puppy 2010 UK at Our Dogs World-Wide-Magazine

Here a detail from Our Dogs when Paula won Puppy of the Year 2010


UK - Boston Champion-Chip-Show

                                                           photo by Steve Mynott

Angel's Pride Gentle Star

winning Junior-Bitches and finally the english CC!!

Many thanks to the judge
Mrs. Caroline Ackroyd-Gibson (Toraylac)

                                                                                         photo by Steve Mynott

Our superstar Gentle Star
under the age of 15 month she got her 2nd ticket in the UK


photo by Steve Mynott

Never stops showing

Paula, our Star

(UK Ch. Maibee Make Believe x Ch. Angel's Pride Anastacia)

Winner Amsterdam 2010

under Judge Mr. Michael Forte

Dutch Clubwinner 2010 + Best of Breed

under judges Mrs. Sandra Ireland (Charnell)
and Caroline Ackroyd (Toraylac)

Paula is back in germany for a few month.

Paula has currently 92 points (Cavalier-Scoring-List UK)
what makes her for the moment Top Cavalier Puppy UK.

Combined Clubs Hosted by CKCSC 22nd August 2010 Mrs D Fry Puppy 1st


Scottish Kennel Club 29th August 2010 Mrs J Barraclough Puppy 1st CC BP
City of Bringham 3rd September 2010 Mr E Paterson Puppy 1st BP
Richmond 10th September 2010 Mr D Moger Puppy 3rd 3rd
Darlington 19th September 2010 Mrs E Britt-Nordin Puppy 2nd 2nd
Belfast 26th September 2010 Miss M Morrison Puppy 1st BP
Driffield 3rd October 2010 Mrs J Peak Puppy 1st BP

A big Thank You to Shealagh and Bill
for taking such a good care and for the super handling!

                                                                      photo: Steve Mynott

Second show in UK:
Best Puppy in Show, Best Bitch + CC

Judge-Critique Mrs. J. Barraclough:

1,  Engelís Angelís Pride Gentle Star.  
When I saw her enter the ring, this little girl knocked me speechless. 
All the way from Germany with an English sire and German mother,
shows we must be doing something right.
Perfection personified right from her jet black nose
to the end of her tail.
She oozes quality.  Prettiest of heads and that expression to die for. 
Correct proportions, neck and shoulders, turn of stifle good. 
In first class condition, coat gleaming and she floated on the move,
streamline all the way around,
keeping her head held high and demanding people to look at her. 
She certainly caught my attention.
If she stays in this county for any length of time
I am convinced she will make the top spot
 Delighted to award her the CC, BPB and BP, just missing out on BOB,
the dog being that little more mature.

The Blenheim-Run

                                                                   photo Agata (Lancante)

Class-Winner and Best Puppy-Bitch
under breedspecialist Mrs. Di Fry

Paula's judge-critique Blenheim-Palace-Show
by Mrs. Diane Fry:

Engel's Angelís Pride Gentle Star

My notes say "What a cracker"!
Most lovely 10 month blenheim pup with such a super shape,
she is an excellent copy book type with lovely front,
good neck and shoulders, correct bone, good topline and tail carriage.
Her head is feminine with melting expression.
She is so well schooled and has sound happy movement.

                                                                                   photo: Steve Mynott

BP in Show under Mrs. Di Fry and Mrs. Jeanie Montford

                                                                                photo: Eva M.

                                                                                                         photo: Petra Albrecht

Paula-Panther, eye-catching

                                                                                                          photo: Petra Albrecht  

                                                                                                          photo: Petra Albrecht

At her first show in Germany:
German Junior-Champion
2 x  BOB, 2 x BIS

CC-Show Langerwehe (Germany)

Best Opposite, BOB und Best in Show
under the judges:
Mrs. Pamela Runderkamp and Mr. Michael Hegarty
On both days!


Paula just 6 month old
at the Frensh  Clubschow April 2010

Handled by Thierry Carteau
Best Blenheim-Puppy Female

"Paula" 6 month old

Puppy Paula, 8 weeks old

"A star is born"


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